Employee Training

LiveWire performs quarterly company wide safety meetings to provide all employees with an opportunity to receive hands-on training in recognition, avoidance, and prevention of construction safety hazards on the job site.


Our hands-on safety training starts with the gathering of data from several perspectives. We take into consideration the OSHA industry information of highest rated incidents and bring in safety consultants to provide in depth knowledge on how to identify potential safety hazards.


In addition, the feedback from our risk management partners to curtail potential hazards is highly recognized by our company. We pay attention to our manpower precursors to identify any subjects that would need a safety “stand down” to get to the root cause of the incident.


LiveWire values the lessons that we have learned on multiple projects, and most importantly, we listen to employees when they have new ideas or request additional training. It is important to us that our employees can return home to their families and friends free from injury or illness.


Our company offers a wide selection of training and educational programs to help broaden our knowledge on the recognizing, avoiding, and preventing safety and health hazards in the workplace.

LiveWire performs daily JHA’s before any tool is taken from the gang box, weekly field safety audits, and weekly tool box talks on all job sites. We take the time to identify behaviors that may cause an incident and we step in to give safety stand downs to circumvent a future safety incident.


LiveWire Construction

Union Affiliated, Licensed, Bonded & Insured
As a union contractor, we are signatory to IBEW Local Unions 134, 9, 364, 697 and 701 as well as Labrorers, Carpenters and Local 502 Cement Masons. Our union status assures that our tradesmen are the most highly skilled and qualified professionals.



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