Utility Projects

Utility Projects

Ameren Substation Improvements

Ameren Corporation a Fortune 500 utility provider to Illinois and Missouri contacted LiveWire to perform upgrades to multiple substations in coordination with their electrical staff. LiveWire’s experienced personnel safely hydro-excavated trenches for conduit, performed surgical demo, poured concrete, graded, and restored the site to a new condition, all for new equipment upgrades at active substations.





O'Hare International Airport

The O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP), reflects the City of Chicago’s vision for the future of O’Hare. The OMP is transforming O’Hare’s intersecting system of runways into a modern, parallel runway layout, thus increasing the airport’s capacity, reducing delays and meeting the anticipated demand well into the future. Estimated at approximately $8 billion dollars, the OMP is the nation’s largest airport construction project. When the OMP is complete, O’Hare will have six east-west parallel runways and two crosswind runways. Livewire participated in two projects as a part of this massive effort


As a subcontractor to the prime electrical contractor on this project, Livewire installed duct banks, manholes, hand holes, taxiway lighting and illuminated taxiway signage for the extension and reconfiguration of Taxiway L at Runway 14R/32L and Taxiway K at the Southeast Cargo Area development.


As a subcontractor to the prime electrical contractor on this project, LiveWire installed duct banks, manholes, hand holes, and underground conduits associated with NAVAIDS (Navigational Aid System) and FOTS (Fiber-Optic Transmission System) upgrades associated with the modification and extension of Runway 10R/28L in the South Airfield. In addition, our Concrete Division installed various foundations, retaining walls, paving, curbs and sidewalk in support of this project.